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Paris is a world fashion capital. Haussmann Woman Watch Series is a tribute to the fashion spirit of the famous and luxury department store of the Haussmann Boulevard in Paris.

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Square Man Watches

Being the largest square in the French capital, Concorde square instills a felling of power and strength. Concorde Square Man Watch Series will bring the same felling on one’s wrist.

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Couple Watches

With its frontage clock, Orsay used to be one of the most beautiful train stations. Today, converted in a museum, it is a place of art. Orsay Couple Watch Series honors the timeless grandness of this building.

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Oval Woman Watches

With its baroque style, Opera de Paris is one of the most marvelous monuments of the French Capital city. Opera de Paris Woman Watch Series is a true journey to romanticism.

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Square Watches Series for Her

Paris greatest symbol, the Eiffel Tower represents romanticism and elegance. The Eiffel Tower Woman Watch Series consists of refined timepieces reminding the Eiffel Tower architecture.

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Gold Man Watches

On top of Montmartre hill, the Sacred-Heart overlooks and watches Paris days and nights. Sacred-Hear Man Watch Series pays homage to this majestic Paris landmark.

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Square Couple Watches

The mythic Champs-Elysées Avenue is the star of Paris: this long avenue is perfect for romantic couple’s promenades. Champs-Elysées Couple Watch Series symbolizes the constancy of love.

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